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About Altratec

     Altratec Sdn Bhd is an independent third party manufacturer of dry food-based products. Championing contract manufacturing as its modus operandi, Altratec Sdn Bhd neither owns any brand nor private labels but inherently role play to pioneering a modular concept of "a factory within a factory":- perfected with PS paneling, PU flooring with the final touch of positive air conditioning below 25 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of average 50%.
     Our aim and objective, is to provide reliable and trustworthy co-packing services to principals who have demand for a high level of quality assurance, delivery compliance and customer service.
     Altratec is a company managed by a qualified professional team and certified with obtain HACCP and ISO 22000. We aspire to jointly grow with principals, juxtaposed to initiate new product development and happy to invest in infrastructure or equipment to manufacture such innovation, subject to volume justification.

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